What the RCA stands for

The Association is committed to helping our members provide the highestquality of care to those who rely on our services. We believe in Person Centred Care, which puts the service user at the centre of all decisions affecting them. We will promote policies which respect the dignity and privacy of the individual and which lead to the service user’s health and social needs being met.

We support the aims and vision of the Fundamental Standards of Quality and Safety and will work with the Government, local commissioning agencies and others to ensure their effective implementation for the benefit of service users. In return, we expect those funding the care provided by our members to recognise the costs of working with the new standards and ensure the appropriate level of fees is paid.

We have developed a working relationship with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are here to offer advice to members on how to be compliant with the new regulations and how to deal with any difficulties you may encounter. By working together with the CQC we aim to develop an inspection process that is fair to our members as well as ensuring that standards are maintained for service users.

The association promotes the positive image of the Care Industry through the press; television, radio and many meetings with politicians and others. Our aim is to ensure local and national politicians recognise and acknowledge the value of the contribution made by the independent care sector to the overall welfare of society.

The association is keen to work in partnership with commissioners of care and others in delivering its overall aims. We welcome the continued commitment from Social Services to work more closely with us. By working together, we aim to achieve better and more equitable commissioning practices and appropriate fee levels for the services we provide. We are also working towards identifying future trends in care so that our members can be better informed when making business decisions.


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